Mark Baldwin
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Cover Artist Title Year Label Genre Bitrate
Mark Baldwin A Passion Remembered 1997 Unison Instrumental 192
Mark Baldwin Christmas by the Fire 1998 Unison Instrumental 192
Mark Baldwin Be Still - Psalms for the Soul 2008 Discovery House Contemporary Christian 226
Mark Baldwin Quiet Reflections - Instrumental Worship Favorites 2009 Discovery House Instrumental 244
Mark Baldwin Peace on Earth 2009 CD Guy Instrumental 313
Mark Baldwin Under the Shelter of Your Wings - Psalms of Refuge 2010 Discovery House Contemporary Christian 319
Mark Baldwin It is Well - Songs of Reassurance 2010 Discovery House Instrumental 312
Mark Baldwin World of Praise - Instrumental Hymns 2011 Discovery House Instrumental 241
Mark Baldwin Quiet Reflections 2 - Instrumental Worship Favorites 2012 Discovery House Instrumental 312
Mark Baldwin I Will Bless the Lord 2012 Discovery House Instrumental 315
Mark Baldwin How He Loves Us - Songs of Reassurance 2012 Discovery House Instrumental 313
Mark Baldwin Songs of a Seeking Heart 2014 Discovery House Contemporary Christian 311
Mark Baldwin Hymns for Morning and Evening 2016 Discovery House Instrumental 308
Mark Baldwin Restoration 2020 Mark Baldwin Contemporary Christian 318