Cruse Family
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Cover Artist Title Year Label Genre Bitrate
Cruse Family Put Your Hand In The Hand Superior Southern Gospel 147
Cruse Family The King Is Coming Superior Southern Gospel 150
Cruse Family Love Is Taking Over 1974 Superior Contemporary Christian 221
Cruse Family Favorite Hymns 1975 Message Contemporary Christian 128
Cruse Family Heaven Bound 1976 Canaan Contemporary Christian 183
Cruse Family Transformation 1978 Canaan Contemporary Christian 319
Cruse Family Harmony 1979 Impact Contemporary Christian 224
Cruse Family For Every Heart 1981 Impact Contemporary Christian 314
Cruse Family Cruse 1982 Priority Contemporary Christian 128
Cruse Family Cruse 2 1984 Nissi Contemporary Christian 320
Cruse Family The Cruse Collection 1984 Impact Contemporary Christian 196
Cruse Family Feel The Wind 1999 Cruse Ministries Contemporary Christian 318