Amy Shreve
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Cover Artist Title Year Label Genre Bitrate
Amy Shreve I Am His And He Is Mine 1992 Wix Contemporary Christian 314
Amy Shreve Christmas 1993 Wix Instrumental 243
Amy Shreve Harp & Willow 1996 Wix Contemporary Christian 312
Amy Shreve Haven 1998 Haven Contemporary Christian 313
Amy Shreve Pray 2004 Wix Instrumental 316
Amy Shreve Whisper 2008 Wix Contemporary Christian 315
Amy Shreve Winter Come Gently 2008 Wix Contemporary Christian 307
Amy Shreve The God Of All Comfort 2009 Audio Abbey Instrumental 253
Amy Shreve The God Of All Joy 2012 Audio Abbey Contemporary Christian 256
Amy Shreve The God Of All Grace 2013 Audio Abbey Instrumental 245
Amy Shreve The God Of All Hope 2018 Audio Abbey Contemporary Christian 310