C A Worship Band With Tommy Walker
C S Brown
C S Heath & Jonas James
C S Heath, Jonas James, Christopher West
C T & Becky Townsend
C Y Tong
Caleb & Katie Garraway
Caleb Collins
Caleb Dinger
Caleb's Crossing
Called Out Quartet
Calling Levi
Calvary Baptist Bible College
Calvary Chapel
Calvary Chapel Central Phoenix
Calvary Chapel Chattanooga
Calvary Chapel Chino Valley
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
Calvary Chapel Fullerton
Calvary Chapel Golden Springs
Calvary Chapel Jupiter
Calvary Chapel Merritt Island
Calvary Chapel Mission Hills
Calvary Chapel Music Artists
Calvary Chapel Of Melbourne
Calvary Chapel Palm Coast
Calvary Chapel Petaluma
Calvary Chapel Philadelphia
Calvary Construction Company
Calvary Crusaders
Calvary Four
Calvary Heirs
Calvary Mountain Orchestra
Calvary Quartet
Calvary Trio
Calvary Worship Ministry
Calvarymen Quartet
Calvary's Light
Calvary's Voice
Calvin Allen
Calvin Taylor
Cam Floria Continental Voices
Cam Floria Voices
Cam Ray
Cameron Cody
Cameron Cody & James Kelly
Cameron Cody, James Kelly, Joe Mishler
Cameron Ross
Cami Shrock
Camp Family
Camp Kirkland
Camp Kirkland, Jay Rouse & Richard Kingsmore
Campus Crusade For Christ
Canaanaires Quartet
Canaanland Boys
Canaan's Crossing
Cana's Voice
Candlelight Guitarist
Candy Christmas
Candy Hemphill
Candy Hemphill-Christmas
Canned Band
Canton Junction
Cantrell Family
Capstone Quartet
Captain's Crew
Carey Landry
Carl Doy
Carl N Cole
Carlton Forrester
Carmichael Strings
Carol McClure
Carol McClure & Jenny Crook
Carol Reid & Tim Hayes
Carol Swartz
Carol Tornquist
Carol Webb
Carolina Boys
Carolina Crossmen
Carolyn Howard
Carolyn Shield
Carr Family
Carrie Underwood
Carrie Wickens
Carroll & Donna Roberson
Carroll Roberson
Carver Bowers
Cary Schmidt
Casey Family
Casey Shepherd
Cassidy Brothers
Casting Crowns
Cathedral Trio
Cathedrals & Florida Boys
Catherine Coluccio
Cathy Godsey
Cathy Mart
Cathy Oakes
Cecil Mark Blackwood
Cecil Stamps Blackwood
Cecily Hamilton & Friends
Cedar Ridge
Cedar Ridge Chorale
Celebrant Singers
Celtic Expressions
Celtic Expressions Musicians
Cesar Medel
Chad & Sherry Carter
Chad Lawson
Chad Watkins
Chalice Hymnal
Champion Baptist College
Champion Forest Worship
Chancellors Quartet
Channing Eleton
Chapel Valley
Chapeltones Quartet
Charity Ray Marczak
Charles Billingsley
Charles Ciepiel
Charles David Smart
Charles Johnson & Quinton Mills
Charles Johnson & The Revivers
Charles Johnson Jr
Charles M Barnes
Charles Schmidly
Charlie & Jill LeBlanc
Charlie Beatenbo Singers
Charlie Haden & Hank Jones
Charlie McCoy
Charlie Miller
Charlie Schaffer
Charlie Sexton & Homecoming
Charlie Sneller
Charlotte Ritchie
Chase Mackintosh
Chelsea Estes
Chemayne Del Mastro
Chemayne Del Mastro & Steve Wingfield
Cheri Carrick
Cheri Keaggy
Cheryl Amelang
Cheryl Benoit
Cheryl Heiple
Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl Prewitt Blackwood
Cheryl Prewitt Salem
Cheryl Salem
Chet Atkins
Chigger Hill Boys & Terri
Children Of The Promise
Chip Dorton
Chip Mergott
Chiz Rider
Chonda Pierce
Chord Of Three
Chordsmen Quartet
Chosen Few
Chosen Road
Chosen Witness
Chris & Carole Beatty
Chris & Diane Machen
Chris Allman
Chris Beatty
Chris Christian
Chris Ducker
Chris Godber
Chris Golden
Chris Hester
Chris Holloway
Chris Machen
Chris McDonald & Jack Jezzro
Chris McDonald Orchestra
Chris Morris
Chris Rice
Chris Smith - The One-Man Quartet
Chris Springer
Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin & Ross King
Christ Church Choir
Christ Fellowship
Christ Our Life
Christ Tabernacle Choir
Christian Brothers
Christian Brothers Quartet
Christian Choristers
Christian Davis
Christian Devotion
Christian Devotional
Christian Edition
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Christian Hymns
Christian Hymns Piano Project
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Christian Instrumental Music
Christian Instrumental Songs
Christian Jazz Artists Network
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Christian Music Unlimited
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Christian Piano Maestro
Christian Piano Music
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Christian Songs Music
Christian World Singers
Christian Wyrtzen
Christian, Hymn & Gospel Ensemble
Christine Wyrtzen
Christopher Becknell
Christopher Dellen
Christopher Michael
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips & Jaimee Paul
Christopher West
Christy Galkin
Christy Sutherland
Chuck Cremeans
Chuck Fulmore Trio
Chuck Mandt
Chuck Millhuff
Chuck Ohman & The Ohman Brass
Chuck Ramsey & Tommy Trammel
Chuck Smith
Chuck Yarborough
ChurchLife Worship
Cindy Cruse
Cindy Cruse Ratcliff
Cindy Morgan
Cindy Reynolds Wyatt
City On A Hill Quartet
Claire Ryan
Clara Schrade
Clark Brothers
Clark Family
Classic Imperials
Classical Praise Musicians
Classical Praise Strings
Clay Crosse
Clay Hecocks
Clayton Inman
Clayton Watson
Clearvision Quartet
Clearwater Christian College Men's Ensemble
Clemmons First Baptist Church
Cliff Barrows
Cliff Duren
Cliff Duren & Paul Nelson
Clint Brown
Clyde Beavers
CN Productions
Coblentz Family
Coblentz Sisters
Coffey Ministries
Coffey Trio
Cold Water Worship
Colleen Adent
Collingsworth Family
Colonial City Quartet
Combs Family
Common Bond
Common Bond Quartet
Common Ground
Commonwealth Baptist College
Commonwealth Quartet
Commun1on Quartet
Community Bible Church
Concert Orchestra Of London
Concord Worship
Concordia Publishing House
Connie Hopper
Conqueror's Quartet
Contemporary Christian All Stars
Continental Orchestra & Continental Brass
Continental Singers
Continental Singers, Jeremiah People, New Hope
Continental Strings And Brass
Cooke Brothers
Cool Springs Jazz Quartet & JuJu Song
Cooling Water Trio
Cooper Thompson
Coral Sue Kiesling
Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir
Cory Reese
Couriers Unlimited
Courtney Fadlin
Covered By Love
Coy Cook & The Senators
Crabb Family
Crabb Revival
Craig Adams
Craig Aven
Craig Curry
Craig Duncan
Craig L King
Craig Michael Aven
Craig Smith
Craig Stuke
Crandall Brothers
Crawford Family
Cricket Lee
Crimson Gold
Crimson Quartet
Crimson River
Crist Family
Crist Sisters
Cristy Lane
Crosby Lane
Cross 4 Crowns
Cross Reference
Cross Walk Quartet
Crossroads Quartet
Crusaders Quartet
Cruse Family
Crystal Cooper
Crystal Lewis
Crystal River
Crystal Sea
Crystalaires Quartet
Cumberland Boys
Cumberland Gap Reunion
Cumberland Quartet
Curt Buell
Curt Hardy
Curtis Elkins
Curtis Elkins & Sounds Of Joy
Curtis Nickelson
Cynthia Clawson