Ann Downing
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Cover Artist Title Year Label Genre Bitrate
Ann Downing 4 1989 Downings Southern Gospel 223
Ann Downing Treasured Gifts 1992 Welcome Home Southern Gospel 205
Ann Downing Sheltered 1995 White Field Southern Gospel 238
Ann Downing The Longer I Serve Him the Sweeter He Grows 1996 White Field Southern Gospel 239
Ann Downing Let's Talk 1997 White Field Southern Gospel 202
Ann Downing Ocean of Grace 1998 White Field Southern Gospel 247
Ann Downing Tell Me Again...Live 2003 Scarlett Song Southern Gospel 182
Ann Downing God Looking in 2004 Scarlett Song Southern Gospel 185
Ann Downing Yuletide 2007 Vine Southern Gospel 237
Ann Downing Traveling Light 2010 Ann Downing Southern Gospel 192
Ann Downing Sing Your Way to Joy 2012 Gospel Heritage Southern Gospel 224